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Three Poems

Russell Bennetts

Greeted as Liberators

Photons almost lonely for mattress fumes pointed eastward.
Eastwood scene for mountain-grabbled crashgallop.
Tree asplintered for further cavalier grace.
Only when Death’s Hotel gets signal can sworn
varnish kick bottled openings.

Foolish Miracles

speedboat stoners washed shuttered sidewalked
rocking fairground, rocking fairground
those yellow stairs boosted
towering cacti

sand response red shine
from the state of hyper-tense past state of realty

narrowed prosperity
tested rides
smokedup burger shot

counter-educated hung
distilled union depositary
flowed one-time media shown
ever-bulled rocked muck of reality’s bear appetite

pan-club goods refuelled alongside LA’s kicker
motorsport’s deluxe premium sweated and spilled

spilt rum

clubs clubs discoteques
wrecked eyelids
translated between lines
warrior star sold soul constraint wine-ether
younger than me

electric fountains

closured hoochholes marvels
the pace of change the pace of change
wallowed midlands
then the sweats game

      IN OUR
            PURPLE TIGERS

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Russell Bennetts