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A Dubious Account

The Exacting Clam was founded in 1867 by the marine phrenologist Albert B. Spout. Mr. Spout measured the shellskulls of over 7,080 clams and discovered that each clam, bar one, had the exact same shell size. That lone clam, nicknamed Clammy Trevor, became a celebrity in the world of clam phrenology, with thousands flocking to see the famous clam with the slightly disproportionate shell size in a world of exact clams. Clammy Trevor became demanding and difficult, refusing to open for visitors unless immersed in a salty pool of 26F, and only tolerated twelve viewers at a time peering at its pristine inaccuracy. Trevor became known as the Exacting Clam in a world of Exact Clams, although technically Trevor was the most Inexact Clam in the marine area. Soon after Trevor was mysteriously dynamited on a Wednesday, Mr. Spout established The Exacting Clam as a means to discuss the properties of this sensational specimen. Over time, the society lost funding. We are proud to continue Mr. Spout's pioneering work in the form of an online literary schooner, reeling in talent from worldwide waters.

A More Believable Creation Myth

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The Exacting Clam is a quarterly magazine of arts and ideas, brought to you by Sagging Meniscus Press.

Dramatis Personae

Contributing Editors

Jake Goldsmith
Kurt Luchs
Melissa McCarthy
M.J. Nicholls
Thomas Walton

House Metaclamician

Christopher Boucher

Fiction Editor

Charles Holdefer

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Aaron Anstett

Reviews Editor

Jesi Bender

Senior Editors

Jeff Chon
Elizabeth Cooperman
Tyler C. Gore
Doug Nufer

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Guillermo Stitch


Jacob Smullyan