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Surf & Verse

Marvin Cohen

At the Ocean's Edge,
As the Surfers Ply Their Pledge

The put-together words of a poem
are like waves that create foam
on the beach-head from the mighty ocean
plunging down with commotion.
Then the next wave will crash again,
and the surf-divers leave their pads,
swirling away like disrupted lads
falling apart at the seams,
or so it aquatically seems.
But the surf-divers recover
and each is ready for his lover
to wipe the brine from his bronzed body
and the sea slime from his athletic hobby.
They all meet at the restaurant lobby. 

Verse Adverse to Fame
Plays in Failure's Game

A failed poem in the garbage can
had ambition to be in print.
But failure of rhyme and reason
spoiled the poem’s hoped-for season
in the sun for strangers’ eyes
to deliver fame of ego size
to that poor mediocre poet . . .
to achieve only failure—wouldn’t you know it?
If he had talent, why didn’t he grow it?
Thus his poems one by one
sink in cruel darkness over the sun.


Marvin Cohen